Rock Cree​​k ​Walke​rs

​Greg and Liz Dixon have been field trialing professionally for over 20 years. A natural progression with the involvement of horses was to raise and ultimately train horses.

Liz has been involved with horses since the late 1970's. She was trained at the Stillwater Veterinary Clinic as a veterinary technician under the tutelage of Dr. Victor S. Myers and the rest of the equine veterinarians working there. Her first experiences were primarily Thoroughbreds and she managed Northbound Farm for Vic & Helena Myers. At that time she foaled over 100 mares and was responsible for every aspect of a large breeding facility.

​Her first mare, Ellie, a 1/2 Percheron mare was bred to Raider's Dark Threat, a beautiful black Tennessee Walking Horse. This colt was the first of many that Liz raised and broke to ride. For many years, Liz started 3-5 gaited colts per year under saddle. 

We offer training of any age horse. We sincerely enjoy starting youngsters under saddle. Training dogs for field trialing involves horses, and this is where we can put much needed miles on youngsters. The horses in training learn to load and unload quietly from a trailer with or without tack. They learn to stand tied to the trailer or hitching post patiently as well as other important experiences. We travel to North Dakota, Texas and many other states either trialing dogs or training. The horses travel with and learn all phases of trialing. We feel that the experiences that the horses encounter with us enable them to become your future great trail or trial horse.